Wired: These are the healthcare startups you need to know about

10th April 2018

Following our successful collaboration with robotics company Bots and Us, at 2018s Wired Health conference, the company was listed as of the Healthcare startups to watch in the UK.

Originally published in Wired.

Bots and Us

Year founded: 2015
Location: London, UK

Botsandus creates robots that can learn from the environment around them. Its first creation is Bo, a social robot that can be used as an intelligent assistant in the hospitality and retail industries. But the company also trialled a Bo robot as a companion for James, who has a rare skin condition that makes leaving the house very difficult. “We realised that we could give James a machine like Bo to keep him company,” says Peter Trainor, a behavioural designer who works with Botsandus. Future versions of Bo could help deliver care and monitor patients in their own homes.

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