Helping Wealth Management Firms use Data, Ai and Machine Learning

As more and more wealth management firms approach Us to help them with their Ai strategies, and roadmaps, it’s becoming clear that finding insight extracted from the data they hold will be the significant competitive differentiator in the coming years.

We’re using our expertise in automated technologies to help wealth focused businesses simulate processes that traditionally required human thought, using self-learning algorithms and data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing to engage audiences in new and contemporary ways.

We can easily track the demand for these new strategies back to the rise in passive investing by audiences, brought about by moves toward lower fees in an increasingly complicated world. These demands are leading wealth managers to invest heavily in technology to reduce operating costs and comply with regulatory mandates, which is why we’re helping firms tap into streams of structured and unstructured data to capture fact-based behavioural information, and look at how future propositions will support new audiences. Over the next 18 months, we expect more and more firms to approach Us about implementing human-centric, decision-making frameworks to determine the next best actions for their clients.

With new services being designed, and pitched at the lower end of the wealth market, products will, over time, morph into sophisticated automated propositions of the future. The greatest opportunity in the self-directed space, is using Ai and Machine Learning to help predict the future high-net-worth individuals amongst the base of self-directed clients, as well as provide personalised solutions to individual prospects as per their goals by helping them engage in a planned and strategic manner.

A Product Based Mindset

Our growing suite of Us products helps firms start on this journey by creating experiences that capture audiences’ life-event patterns, investment behaviour, risk tolerance, and other activities. We use that data to reimagine the traditional wealth management journey, and the results are already starting to increase value to our existing client base.

As the landscape of Ai matures, we’re also being asked to help wealth management firms deliver deep personalisation, and answer more complex client questions, in real-time, through bot based advisors that act as an always-on, conversational interface with clients. A space with huge potential to take some of the mundane, fact-finding, and onboarding drudgeries away from client-managers and para-planners. Empowering future audiences to take control of their data, and be more involved in the process.

Machine learning helps us process these large unstructured data-sets, deciphering them into habitual patterns and meaningful insights both for the professionals, and the individuals. These insights invariably support in predicting future behaviours and events even before the actual occurrence itself, to potentially offer help before people know they need it.

We’re also seeing a lot more interest in the space of predictive analytics, where investment managers, and individuals can use data to generate investment ideas and predict potential assets at risk.

The Future of Wealth Management

As data-driven advances become the vital differentiators, competition between firms is heating up. Strategic thinkers will find ways to distinguish their firms through better service and operational efficiency with chat-based, RPA, and machine learning applications across all wealth management stages.

Overall, we’re excited about automated advisory and other Ai applications within the Wealth Management space. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to map out your journey in this space, get in touch. We have a series of easy to engage with strategic products aimed directly at the wealth, and investment markets.

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