Ai FS : The Financial Services Think Tank for Ai

The purpose of the Ai FS Think Tank is to unpack the changes, concerns, advancements, and future trends that Artificial Intelligence will have on organisations within the Financial Services industry. Feedback on critical themes, initiatives, ethical considerations, and opportunities will be fed back into the Government APPG on Ai, and also shared with the other Think Tanks who are also exploring the impact of emerging and existing Ai-based technologies on the near-future of industry.

Over the first 12 months, the key, high-level themes tabled for discussion are;

  • Organising for Ai
  • Cultural considerations
  • Ethical Innovation

We are running three facilitated face-to-face sessions throughout year. Outputs will form macro insights that will be shared, in a short-report format with the APPG. Executives from the Think Tank will also be encouraged to take reports and insight back into their organisations.

We have purposefully curated a group selected from diverse backgrounds, within the Financial Sector, to cultivate varying perspectives on the topics. Our primary focus is on generating actionable, and fresh insight, whilst upholding the intellectual property, security, and integrity of each organisation involved.

Output from the Think Tank

Our goal is to create high-level insights that will help the industry be more dynamic in multiple ways:

Actionable Insights.

Practical Next Steps.

Best in category Lists.

A Buy, Build, or Borrow Matrix.

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