P.ai.R (People + Ai Research)

As an organisation, we practice what we preach, which is why all our research projects are driven by the fundamental technology that we also create. We use our Bot based methodology to help organisations learn more about people and new product innovations, by having Ai ask the questions for Us.

The Bots we deploy into groups of society, customer segments, or employee groups create a safe, anonymous, and real-time research channel. Providing individuals and teams the freedom to learn new insights about audiences, while speeding up the time to react to problems.

Our unique, hybrid research model was explicitly designed to achieve gather insight at scale, using conversations, not surveys. We plan to extend that even further. Because machine learning (ML) is such a transformative technology that touches everything we do as a company, we use it on the results of our client surveys to help spot patterns and predict future outcomes, that traditional research methods just cannot do.

Our P.ai.R process

We have a 4 step process that gets you to answers quicker.

The question set – We work closely with your team to create a set of conversation based questions that are both engaging, and tonally accurate for your audience.

Our tool feeds the agreed question set into a Bot that is then trained to ask, respond, and react appropriately to the answers.

Our bot is deployed into either social media, a popular chat-app, or a webpage where your audience can engage in a pure conversational based data gathering experience.

Results, both qualitative, and quantitative, are analysed in both real-time, and in aggregate to create an actional roadmap for your business.

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