Creating organisational visibility with our Ai Mapping

Our team of expert consultants help you map out your data, channel, and problem eco-system, to make the future visible.

Finding a balance between reducing costs and improving the customer experience has always been a challenge for businesses, but through Ai focused technologyy, that challenge has just gotten easier.

Ai is not about taking the fun out of discovery, or replacing jobs, it’s about giving people time back to do better things. We have a bespoke methodology to help find the opportunities that optimise your organisation using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA (robotic process automation) and simple techniques like NLP (natural language processing) for customer help and support.

Imagine dropping Ai into the everyday business environment and expecting it to learn and predict better outcomes. How does it know where to start or finish? Do you want it to learn from marketing and sales or sales and service? If the process can’t be automated today, chances are pretty good you’re missing a core component necessary to make intelligent automation possible. Getting value out of Ai initiatives primarily falls into two methods: using Ai/machine learning to drive closed-loop systems (where the data, actions, and Ai are in a continuous learning loop). And analytics systems that use Ai to help learn from incoming data to surface insights, but requiring actions to be taken separately in another system.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Not so much. We’re here to help you map out your business, from a human perspective, so you can find the opportunities to introduce smart machines into the eco-system.

Examples of the kinds of Ai we map

We’ll help you map positive opportunities to utilise;

  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Recommender systems
  • Content personalisation
  • Data science
  • The User experience of Ai
  • Text mining/natural language processing (NLP)
  • Speech-to-text and/or text-to-speech

Examples of tools we’ve helped find and create

  • Advanced analytics tools for sentiment analysis and collective intelligence
  • Tools for identifying contextual information relating to news stories for news and other sources (e.g. social or advertising)
  • Summarisation tools for text and other information
  • News bots, smart speakers and digital assistant services
  • Solving the filter bubble/echochamber problem and cold start problem for new users on personalisation systems
  • Machine translation for better management of content in multiple languages

Our immersion workshops do precisely that, discovers the opportunities and creates a map of the propositions, features and functions required to save you and your audiences times, and money. We recommend doing process mapping in a 1 or 2-day session depending on the size of the organisation and complexity of the processes that need to be optimised.

How long does it take?

We plan a session a few weeks in advance of the day. During the planning phase we help you to identify the best participants, research your competitors, and interview key staff members using one of our chat bots.

Typically the actual mapping workshops take 2 days, but we do have the ability to condense the session into one day if enough data can be gathered in advance of the session.

After the session has been completed, the outputs are collated into the artefact, which typically takes between 4 and 5 days.

Output from Ai Mapping

Our workshop equips you with the information to understand and leverage the potential of Intelligently Artifical technology, within your business. The session brings up all of the actions and tasks that need to be done to launch a new product or service, as well as identifying any gaps in your current offering.

The rough, visualised maps from the session get converted into an artefact that can be used across the organistion to reference and plan the next steps. Including, who is responsible for each action.

Every process mapping session leads to an action item list for team members and various stakeholders.

Inevitably there is a list of issues that must be resolved and decisions that must be made before a product can roll out. The process mapping session uncovers an issues list, allowing essential decision points to rise to the surface.

Depending on the group and the process, there may also be lists generated for IT requirements, common assumptions and follow-on workshops.

Who we’re helping…


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