Improving outcomes with Machine Learning

Ai Map

Identifying opportunities for Ai to improve your organisation.

People were able to get around before the invention of GPS. They took apparent routes during their travels, generally had no idea how long a particular journey would take and used unclear data sources with unlimited options called maps. If you were on vacation, this added to the sense of adventure and discovery (and at least a few arguments). Then GPS happened, followed by Waze, and now even something as mundane as the drive to work has been optimised to give you back precious hours.

It’s not about taking the fun out of discovery; it’s about giving people time back to do better things, which is where we step in. To help find the opportunities to optimise your organisation using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA (robotic process automation) and simple techniques like NLP (natural language processing) for customer help and support.

Imagine dropping Ai into the everyday business environment and expecting it to learn and predict better outcomes. How does it know where to start or finish? Do you want it to learn from marketing and sales or sales and service? If the process can’t be automated today, chances are pretty good you’re missing a core component necessary to make intelligent automation possible. Getting value out of Ai initiatives primarily falls into two methods: using Ai/machine learning to drive closed-loop systems (where the data, actions, and Ai are in a continuous learning loop). And analytics systems that use Ai to help learn from incoming data to surface insights, but requiring actions to be taken separately in another system.
Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Not so much. We’re here to help you map out your business, from a human perspective, so you can find the opportunities to introduce smart machines into the eco-system.

Our immersion workshop does precisely that, discovers the opportunities and creates a map of the propositions, features and functions required to save you and your audiences times, and money. We recommend doing process mapping in a 1 or 2-day session depending on the size of the organisation and complexity of the processes that need to be optimised.

Output from Ai Mapping

Our workshop equips you with the information to understand and leverage the potential of Intelligently Artifical technology, within your business.

Inevitably there is a list of issues that must be resolved and decisions that must be made before a product can roll out. The process mapping session uncovers an issues list, allowing essential decision points to rise to the surface.

Depending on the group and the process, there may also be lists generated for IT requirements, common assumptions and follow-on workshops.

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