Harry’s Masculinity Report

What are men really thinking?

Customer profile

Jeff and Andy, created Harry’s because they were tired of overpaying for overdesigned razors, and of standing around waiting for the person in the drugstore to unlock the cases so they could actually buy them. When they asked around, they learned lots of guys were upset about the situation too, so they decided to do something about it. Harry’s also embrace the messiness of masculinity. One way they try to do this is by talking about the things that don’t get talked about as much as they should. Men today are equally as comfortable being nurturing as they are strong, accepting of others as they are self-assured. And there’s wonderful chaos to be found in the middle.

Our challenge

Harry’s approached Us to help them uncover what makes men in the UK anxious about life, love, work, health, and everything inbetween. They asked Us to use one of our listening bots to investigate the private lives of thousands of British men. They also embraced our radical human-focused Ai approach, allowing us to craft a conversation that was both contemporary, and relevant to the male audience.

The results are strikingly honest.

  • 2000+ men participants over 3 weeks.
  • Multiple demographics, age-groups and backgrounds were analysed in realtime.
  • 22,000+ unique points of data were collected and analysed by machine-learning in realtime, to discover 5 key themes related to masculinity, and mental health.
  • Macro themes were mapped backed to areas of the country, and related triggers.

The data collected was a first of its kind experiment, across the entire male population, and the honest and frank responses, anonymised replies are to be passed on to Jackie Doyle-Price, the newly appointed minister for suicide prevention in the U.K.

What we did

We followed our bespoke virtual assistant methodology, combining both our P.ai.R approach, and our Conversational Design skills.

You can’t just fire questions at people, and expect them to be honest. We create a Minimum Viable Personality, and Question Set that was appropriate and contemporary.

The bot was deployed to a dedicated, secure environment. Advanced NLP based Ai was used to realtime analyse responses, and tailor reactions accordingly, creating both rapport and trust.

Every conversation was anonymised, sanitised, and mapped back to topics, intents, and themes across both macro, and micro groups.

Finally, a report was generated that tracked all the themes, data, observations and insights in precise detail, so Harry’s could understand the psyche of their current, and future audiences better.

News and Coverage…

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