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Pete and Matt

Humanitarians, activists and digital stalwarts Pete and Matt believe that together, Us can change the conversation around Artificial Intelligence. Over the last 25 years, they have worked in complementary parts of the digital ecosystem and worked with hundreds of blue-chip companies to create transformation at scale. Their shared vision for Ai is that it should be used to empower businesses, and people to develop better online conversations. Connecting companies with global issues and social causes, and partnering with the best technical expertise to create genuinely groundbreaking experiences.

We have a series of pillars that we run our core business around;

  • Maintenance of high ethical standards in external and internal relationships, which we believe is essential to maximum success for both the clients, and our business.
  • All the decisions we make should be based on facts, objectively considered—what we call the fact-founded, thought-through approach to decision making.
  • Our business is kept in adjustment with the forces, and advancements at work in the Ai industry.
  • Our People are judged on the basis of their performance, not on personality, education, or personal traits and skills. We want to create a level-playing field where merit is rewarded.
  • We administer the business with a sense of competitive urgency. That is to say, we keep our eye on the compeitition, but we tend to move our work more in favour of technological advancements in Ai, than what our peers are doing with their businesses. This ensures we’re contemporary for our clients, rather than playing me-too with other companies in the field.


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