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This is an early public version of SU, which we are using to ‘train’ the Ai.

Basically, by generating lots of questions, answers and errors, we can crowdsource a training set for the private, strategic version of SU. With your help, we’re going to train SU to answer questions on Abuse, Alcohol & Drugs, Anger, Anxiety, Bereavement, Support After Suicide, Bi-Polar, Bullying, Depression, Divorce & Separation, Eating Disorders, Exam Stress, Financial Stress, Gambling, Hair Loss, Hearing voices, Homelessness, Impotence, Mental Health, OCD, PTSD, Racism, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, Suicide, Terminal Illness, Work Issues… and so much more.

Be gentle. This version of the tool is designed to get stuff wrong, not get things right. The more errors we generate, the smarter it will become over time.

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We’ve also released this early training version of SU into Telegram to make it easier for people to ask questions.

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If you would like to request access to the final, strategic Ai we’ve been developing, please email us – info@talktous.ai – In order for us to be able to process and prioritise your contact, please specify your interest in the SU project (Investing, Trialling, Testing or Embedding in your own organisation).