Human behaviour is beautifully complex. All of our quirks and thoughts vary with age, gender, religion, ethnic group, location and almost always change over time.

But when the world changes around us, sometimes the risk factors to our mental wellbeing also change and frequently in combinations and at unexplained or unexpected times.

We're releasing an early test version of SU to help us collect base queries and data. We'd love your help collecting some thoughts.

A reflection of US.

Although not with the specific aim of preventing mental-health, we wanted to create an innovative upstream solution that places emphasis on well-being, social inclusion and resilience to support people in finding reasons to live. SU is not to replace medical care, but to help people find purpose and answers to some of the big questions they might not want to discuss with another human being.

SU is a simple life support system to help some people question, explore and find answers to the things that keep them awake at night. Currently a chat based system, it will eventually run in any major social application. The barrier to entry is as complicated as asking questions and receiving next best actions or an answers.

Simple Interactions

We've made SU a simple experience. You chat, it replies.

Available Anywhere

SU is available from any mobile, tablet or desktop device, so you can chat to it anytime, anywhere.

Solving Puzzles

Life is a puzzle, it needs to be solved. SU has been trained to ask you a lot of questions to help you solve the reasons you feel the way you feel.


SU is also trained to offer you inspiration. When you're bored, or stuck, or simply feel like you need a distraction, just ask.

Continuously Learning

SU is always learning. Whenever it gets a question wrong, or doesn't have an answer, it will go away and learn. So the more you engage, the smarter it gets.


SU will send you periodic notifications with questions that help you learn more about yourself, and help it get smarter.

Terry Rigby Forward for Life

We are your sons, your husbands, your brothers, your fathers, your work colleagues, your friends and your soul mates and we are finding it increasingly difficult to survive in an ever changing world. Because there’s a problem. It’s all a smokescreen, a sweeping stereotype, or at very best, a part truth – because many of us are not coping very well at all. We are, after all, just people and although our world has changed so much, many of us haven’t moved with it. But why would we? Why should we? We know who we are. We are steadfast, we are unflinching…we are human.