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Human behaviour is beautifully complex. All of our quirks and thoughts vary with age, gender, religion, ethnic group, location and almost always change over time. But when the world changes around us, sometimes the risk factors to our mental wellbeing also change and frequently in combinations and at unexplained or unexpected times. Which is where HiSU fits in…

Meet HiSU

Training Bot

The white chat window below is an early lite version of HiSU, which we are using to ‘train‘ our NLP. In the bottom right-hand corner of the site, there is an early Alpha of the next version of #HiSU running off some of the Ai platform.

By generating lots of questions, answers and errors, we crowdsource a training set for the private, strategic version of HiSU. With your help, we’re going to train HiSU to answer questions on Abuse, Alcohol & Drugs, Anger, Anxiety, Bereavement, Support After Suicide, Bi-Polar, Bullying, Depression, Divorce & Separation, Eating Disorders, Exam Stress, Financial Stress, Gambling, Hair Loss, Hearing voices, Homelessness, Impotence, Mental Health, OCD, PTSD, Racism, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, Suicide, Terminal Illness, Work Issues… and so much more.

Be gentle. This version of HiSU is designed to get stuff wrong, not get things right. The more errors you generate, the smarter it will become over time.

We’ve also released this early training version of HiSU into Telegram to make it easier for people to ask questions.

If you would like to request access to the final, strategic Ai we’ve been developing, please email us – – In order for us to be able to process and prioritise your contact, please specify your interest in the SU project (Investing, Trialling, Testing or Embedding in your own organisation). If you are a journalist seeking further information about the HiSU development, please contact Us Ai directly.

Su is a reflection of Us

Although not with the specific aim of preventing mental-health, we wanted to create an innovative upstream solution that places emphasis on well-being, social inclusion and resilience to support people in finding reasons to live. HiSU is not to replace medical care, but to help people find purpose and answers to some of the big questions they might not want to discuss with another human being.
HiSU is a simple life support system to help some people question, explore and find answers to the things that keep them awake at night. Currently a chat based system, it will eventually run in any major social application. The barrier to entry is as complicated as asking questions, and receiving next best actions, another question, or an answer.

Channel of choice

Talking your language… where-ever you are.

Chatbots are not Ai… and Ai is not a Chatbot… The Ai we’ve been developing for HiSU is rooted deeply in the analysis, and pattern recognition of the conversations passed through it. One of our primary aims with the HiSU project is to create a corpus of distributable content, not a chat-bot. With that in mind, we’ve already started development on multiple interface types where you will be able to access HiSU.

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