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Conversations about Artificial Intelligence are becoming complicated, crowded and confusing. Let Us navigate you through it. We plan, prototype and create custom Ai products and service, to help solve a range of human-focused challenges. From chat based interactions, to bulk task automation and machine learning.

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We Don’t Do Things Better, We Do Better Things.

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Ai 101 – Our One Day Training Workshop

The recent acceleration of innovation in Artificial Intelligence (Ai) has made it a hot topic in boardrooms, governments and the press. But it is still early, and everyone seems to have a different view of what Ai is. Some things that haven’t worked for decades are starting to take off, as the rising use of Bots and Chatbots in particular. Algorithms are beginning to redefine how software and systems are built, what can be programmed, and how people interact with them. Machine Learning is creating a world where applications of software are starting to understand and anticipate what we want to do — and in the future, do it for us. Which is why we’ve set out to make sure to cover the very basics of Artificial Intelligence and big data. Building a chatbot for your business is not enough, having the foundations covered is mission critical.

In this one day workshop, attendees will learn the fundamentals of Artifical Intelligence (Ai) and its potential to dramatically accelerate the efficiency, impact and growth potential of business in the future. Our essential training day brings everyone in an organisation on to the same page and makes the very definition of Artificial Intelligence clear and straightforward. It not only covers historical and future developments, but the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and events you should pay close attention to.

We’ll give you innovative and exciting examples of Artificial Intelligence in action and take you on a journey to a conclusion where you feel confident and ready to leap into this exciting space.

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Valuable experience for our business leadership”

Damian Ferrar, SVP-ECD, Jack Morton Worldwide

Ai MAP – Identifying your opportunities

People were able to get around before the invention of GPS. They took apparent routes during their travels, generally had no idea how long a particular journey would take and used unclear data sources with unlimited options called maps. If you were on vacation, this added to the sense of adventure and discovery (and at least a few arguments). Then GPS happened, followed by Waze, and now even something as mundane as the drive to work has been optimised to give you back precious hours.

It’s not about taking the fun out of discovery; it’s about giving people time back to do better things, which is where we step in. To help find the opportunities to optimise your organisation using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA (robotic process automation) and simple techniques like NLP (natural language processing) for customer help and support.

Imagine dropping Ai into the everyday business environment and expecting it to learn and predict better outcomes. How does it know where to start or finish? Do you want it to learn from marketing and sales or sales and service? If the process can’t be automated today, chances are pretty good you’re missing a core component necessary to make intelligent automation possible. We’re here to help you map out your business, from a human perspective, so you can find the opportunities to introduce smart machines into the eco-system.

Our immersion workshop does precisely that, discovers the opportunities and creates a map of the propositions, features and functions required to save you and your audiences times, and money.

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Ai needs to save us from Ai

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A philosophical inquiry into the future

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Don’t do things better. Do better things.

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